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Aurora Nile Club Members

Aurora Nile Club No. 3

Aurora is an especially fitting name for the Fort McMurray Club, as many an evening sky dances with a magnificent display of the Northern Lights.  According to Roman Mythology, Aurora is the "Goddess of Dawn".

Aurora Nile Club No 3, Fort McMurray, AB was instituted on May 6th, 2000 under the direction of Shirley Dean, Queen 2000.  The Charter Members are Lillias Deevy, Janet Felczak, Carol Golosky, Hilary Griffiths, Janet Hallett, Christine Mensah, Fran Peacock, Sheila Robinson, Marion Thornhild, and Moira Wild. Today 2 of the 10 original members are still active members of Aurora Nile Club No. 3, and 1 is active in Al Amira Temple No. 157.
The Club is well known by the Canadian Shriners Hospital for its renowned "heart-shaped" pillows.  Every Fall, the members along with recruits from Al Amira Temple No. 157, get together for a day of "Snip, Sew, & Stuff" to make the pillows.  The challenge is to make more pillows than last year.

We meet for dinner, followed by a business meeting, on the 4
th Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm.


Spring Ceremonial Ambassadors

Al Amira Temple Ambassadors Unit

The Ambassadors Unit in Edmonton started long before Al Amira Temple No. 157 was constituted. It was an Edmonton unit under Sakkara Temple #115 in Calgary. The unit supported Sakkara Temple No. 115 with fundraising, attending Supreme Sessions and supporting the Edmonton Nile Club. The unit was known for their colourful Klondike long dresses and amazing hats which they seemed to change on a regular basis. When Al Amira Temple No. 157 was constituted, it was a natural transition to become Al Amira Temple No. 157 Ambassadors Unit.
For many years, the main fund raising activity of the Ambassadors was making antipasto and selling it for $4.00 a jar. This has declined over the years as cost of ingredients increased and we could no longer compete with retail grocery stores. The current unit is branching out to other activities for fund raising and just to have fun. Some of our recent activities include an Annual High Tea, Paint Night, attending the horse races, planting at Thiel’s Greenhouse, preparing Ceremonial lunches, organizing our craft sale, perogy lunches and others. We welcome all members to all our activities.
Our responsibilities, as per our By-Laws are to assist the Queen as directed at installations, Ceremonials and Temple Stated Sessions. We do this by guarding the doors from intrusion, and greeting and assisting members. You will often see us manning the guest book at functions, taking tickets, and directing people.
On a three-year rotation basis, we are the Official Unit for our Queen at Supreme Session. Lately, we have become a pageantry unit and perform a skit, preferably comical. In 2015, at Supreme Session in Omaha, NE, we preformed a Darth Vader skit and are currently working on a new one for 2017 Supreme Session in Niagara Falls, NY.
We meet the third Wednesday of the month (September to June) in Biff’s Lounge at the Al Shamal Shrine Centre.



Al Amira Temple Dancers Unit

Al Amira Temple Dancers were originally known as the Sakkara Temple Dancers – Edmonton. When Al Amira Temple was constituted in 1991, the Unit became the Al Amira Temple Dancers. The Unit thrived under the leadership of our Dance Directors: Pr. Majorie Lindsay (1990 – 1993), PQ Deanna Robertson (1994 – 2004), Pr. Beverly Chapman (2005 – 2011) and PQ Shirley Harris (2011 – Present). The unit owes a great deal to our choreographer and instructor, Collette Featherstone. She has graciously offered her services to the unit for many years.

The members in 1990 were Princesses Diane Borowski, Dorothy Burke, Margery Dobson, Lois Forbes, Donna Widrick, Dorothy Yuk and PQs Jean Boone, Jean Chapman, Shirley Harris, Deanna Robertson and Eileen Yonkers. Only two dancers remain active today, PQs Jean Boone and Shirley Harris. Presently, the unit has 21 active members who perform a number of routines including Egyptian, Jazz and Tap.

The Unit performs at Al Amira Temple Ceremonials and at the Daughters of the Nile Supreme Session whenever possible. They will perform, when invited and with the Temple’s permission, at functions of other concordant bodies.

For more information or to attend a practice contact: President Shirley J. Harris, PQ at



Al Amira Temple Patrol Unit

Al Amira Temple Patrol Unit was formed from the White Rose Nile Club, Sakkara Temple #115, when the Temple was constituted in 1991.  
Our duties include escorting the Officers and the Flags of Canada and the United States at the opening of the Temple for Sessions & Ceremonials.
Practices are held the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month at 7:00pm at the Al Shamal Shrine Centre.
We enjoy social events in the Summer & at Christmas.  We encourage all members to come and out and try a practice with us or to attend one of our social events.


Al Amira Choir

There were 18 choir members on the Sakkara Temple roll in 1971. When the White Rose Nile Club hosted the official visit or ceremonial 3 or 4 local members would join Sakkara’s choir.
In 1990 when Al Amira became a temple there were only 3, very unsure, choir voices for the whole ceremony! What a beginning!
The choir has gone through many changes. There has been as many as 16 member and sadly as few as five.
We owe an extra big Thank You to our musicians and each and every one who has assisted the choir over the years.